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WILD ALPS SCHNAPZ is a Ultra-Premium Vodka distilled form fermented pears and finest wheat.

This product-innovation is a unique combination of artisan Alpine fruit spirit production skills an the technique of distilling purest grain vodka.

PURE - no additives, no artificial flavors, no sugar

Whilst traditionally eau-de-vie is sipped straight as a digestive, WILD ALPS SCHNAPZ is also perfect to be served in long-drinks:



Ice filled tumbler (or red wineglass)

2 parts WILD ALPS SCHNAPZ (5cl)

3 parts Premium Tonic

slim slice of pear

or to be served by a creative bartender in fascinating cocktails.

Tasting notes:


WILD INSIDE - distinctive nose of pear, definitely Bartlett pear, fresh as if you smell a fresh cut slice of ripe pear.

AStonishing fresh, clear pear taste, slim, elegant; as if grain vodka carries the flavors of the fresh pear, smooth finish.

WILD ALPS® - zur Marke

THE WILD ALPS® - our story

Our premises are located in the heart of the Alps close to the Lake of Constance. Looking out of the window, even on a hot summer day you'll spot snow covered mountain peaks – THE WILD ALPS.


Our families are distilling alcohol from fruits, berries, roots and grain for decades.  For more than 20 years I am producing distillates based on artisanal art of fruit distilling alway on the search for outstanding tastes. THE WILD ALPS, ALCHEMY & ADVENTURE.


WILD ALPS SCHNAPZ is a unique VODKA multiple distilled form pears and wheat with pure spring water from the Alps.

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