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43% vol

700ML | 1500ML | 5000 ML


Limited Edition "Founders Reserve" 2013

43% vol. | 700 ML

Distilled in 2013 from lightly smoked barley.

The extraordinary aroma of this "small batch" production develops through storage: part of the distillate in a sherry barrel and part in a bourbon barrel.

In October 2018 the 2 parts were married again and filled into the special 700 ML bottles with glass caps. From this special production, only 390 bottles of 0.7L will be filled as "Founders Reserve" and will be available from November 2018.


THE WILD ALPS - Alchemy & Adventure


J.O. MAUND® - to the brand


John Oakley Maund was an English banker and mountaineer who became famous through several first ascents in the Montblanc massif in the 19th century. Sir J.O. Maund, had Willam Morris build stately hunting villas for him on Lake Lucerne and in the Arlberg area, on the foothills of the Ünschenberg Alpe in the Bregenz Forest.


The "Villa Maund" in the Bregenz Forest was leased for many years as a hunt for Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia from the beginning of the 20th century. Paul Renner, artist, actionist lived in the property from 1995 to 2007. His countless illustrious guests included Zaha Hadid, Ferran Adrià, Günter Brus and the many prominent members of the “notorious” Hell Fire Touring Club, of course, “incognito”. A unique place of many myths and rumours and the origin of the creations of THE WILD ALPS - ALCHEMY ADVENTURE.

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